Complete Motor Winding Solutions

NISHANT INDUSTRIES is one of the high-tech key enterprises which specialize in designing, producing and selling motor manufacturing equipments in India. Leveraging on product designing, development and innovation, we “NISHANT INDUSTRIES” have generated a strong repute and goodwill with customers. Our Company established in 2006 has built a reputation for product reliability and our constant commitment towards excellent service has made us a preferred partner and illustrious corporation.

Ceiling Fan Winding Machine

We provide world class automatic ceiling fan motor winding machines.

Coil & Wedge Inserting Machine

This machine is specially designed for automatic coil & wedge inserting purpose.

Coil Winding Machine

This machine is specially designed for automatic coil winding machine.

Coil Lacing Machine

This Machine is specially designed for automatic coil lacing process.

Our Products

Nishant Industries is committed to optimizing the product quality and constantly improving the management mode with the customer and the market as a center. In 2012, Nishant Industries passed the certification of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. We do believe we will contribute more to the automated production of motor industries in the near future.


Perfect Motor Winding Solutions

Washing machine paper insulation machine

Automatic paper insulation machine

Pvc wire Cuting and stripping machine