Automatic Bldc Winding Machine (Single Head)

  • This machines is specially designed for BLDC motor winding.
  • This machine is specially designed for 28 SWG (0.376mm) to 16 SWG(1.626mml).
  • The production cost will be highly reduced by decreasing the material loss and labor cost.
  • On this machine can wind different type of alternators that can be only outer dia.
  • Wire cut after this machine automatically completes the cycle.




Technical Specifications:

No. of spindle 1
No. of turns 1 to 3000
Axis controlled Servo
Spindle motor 1.5Kw
Indexing motor 8.7nm
Dimension 700mm x 540mm x 850mm
Spindle speed 2000rpm
Input power 220 v AC, 5Hz
Air 5.0 cm
Net weight 450KG

Controllers Features :

  • The complete inserting time for 16 poles stator can be shotned to 6sec/stator.
  • High insertion spedd is about 0.5 sec/ slot for labor saving, cost reduction and stable quality output.
  • Easy adjustment while changing stack height of stator or width of insulating paper.
  • Change tooling design to meet different shape of stator slots.


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