• Fully automatic powerful machine
  • Auto setting as well as auto running
  • High quality + high output
  • At low cost
  • Small in size
  • Saves labor & reduces copper wastage

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    • Fully automatic machine suitable for cutting & Stripping of single core wire, this machine make 0.2mm to 3.0mm double wire and 3.5mm to 6mm single wire one time processing.


Speed* 100mm 500mm
Only Cutting 10000/hr 8000/hr
Cutting & one side stripping 8000/ht 6000/hr
Cutting & both side stripping 3500/ht 3000/hr

Performance Range:

Length selection 5mm to 10000mm in meters in steps of 1mm
Accuracy +/-2mm OR +/-0.2% depending upon wire length
Wire cross section 0.5 to 4 sq. mm (Multi core cable up to 3core X 1sq.mm)
Wire type PVC, Teflon, Glass wire
Max. Wire programs 1 to 999 programs
Changeover setting time 2 min. Max for blade setting (Digital setting in 5 sec.)
Wire feeding 0.5 mm to 3mm OD two wire one time processing & 3.5mm to 6mm OD single wire one time processing.
Window cut It cut 7 windows cut in one time.

Technical Specification:

Mechanical system Small machine with non-maintenance, precision mechanical system
Electronic system Micro processor controller
Wire feed system 5 stepper motor with variable
Cutting & stripping system V blade pair with stepper motor, variable speed with microcontroller controlled
Length measurement system Directly by servo motor control
Size of the main machine 420mmx200mmx450mm
Weight 40 to 45kg
Power 220v AC, 5oHz, 1Ph